Nearby attractions:

Daintree village is just around the corner and there you'll find a hotel, bottle shop, general store and a few cafes/restaurants. There is also a small boat ramp in town and a pontoon if you wish to wet a line, but as always, beware of crocodiles as they do inhabit most waters in the region (including beaches.)

A short 15 minute drive and you'll be at the ferry to cross the Daintree river (fees apply.) The road heads north toward Cow Bay and Cape Tribulation. From then on you'll encounter the Bloomfield Track, which is 4x4 only and isn't open at times due to flooding. The track leads to Wajal Wajal then onto Cooktown.  

Alternatively the popular Creb Track (also 4X4 only) starts just around the corner from Camp Daintree and continues on meet up with the Bloomfield Track just before Wajal Wajal.  

At the ferry crossing there is also a free boat ramp for larger boats. The river flows out to the sea near Snapper Island and Low Isles. Beyond the islands you'll find The Great Barrier Reef. 

We are looking into purchasing a big boat in the future for river cruises and trips out to the reef. Some of the activities will include, croc spotting, fishing, snorkelling, general boating and possibly diving. There are often turtles to be seen and occasionally dolphins and even whales. so stay tuned.

At Wonga Beach you'll find a service station with great take away options including pizza, Bec's Cafe, a chemist and bottle shop.  
In Mossman you'll find a Woolworths (with RV/caravan parking), Chemists, Doctors, hospital, a few hotels, cafes, take away restaurants, a library (with internet access), post office, hardware store, AutoPro (automotive parts and accessories), Prices Plus (cheap shop), service stations, laundromat, RSL Sub Branch and a host of other places. 

Check out the following sites for an extensive array of activities and information on the region: